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Better Battlelog
« on: May 02, 2012, 03:22:08 am »
Found this today, started using it, and I really like it plus the themes make Battlelog look sooo much better.

Better Battlelog -

Better Battlelog is a free web browser extension intended to improve the current battlelog in many ways.

Features -
-High Detailed and "Secret" Weapon Information
-Inline Youtube Videos
-User Radar
-Server Radar
-Flame Radar
-Bug Fixes/Improvements to current battlelog
-Contextmenu (Right-Click)
-BBCode Support
-Favorite Threads
-Platoon Images
-Cloud Storage
-Custom Themes Integration
-Personal Server Filter Sets

Screenshots -
Download -

Any questions feel free to ask, hope you guys find this as useful to you as I did.

- YoUrWoRsT