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Scrim Request Form
« on: July 14, 2009, 05:58:40 pm »
 If your clan is looking to scrimmage with the LMC Community team or another LMC Official team:

1) We need you to copy and paste the form into a new topic, with the name of your team/clan (and the date and time if specified) in the topic title.

2) We ask that you read and accept our expectations for scrimmages.

Your team/clan name:
Game for scrim:
Game mode (if applicable):
Is this a friendly game, or competitive?
LMC Team you are challenging: (state "LMC Community Team" if you are unsure)
Requested map(s) to scrim on:
Date and Time for scrim: (please translate date and times to EST/EDT)
IP address for scrim:(use our IP if your are planing to use our server)
Have you read the LMC scrimming expectations? (yes or no)
-------END FORM-------

LMC Scrimming expectations are as follows: (You do not have to include this in your post)


1. Even teams whenever possible.
2. Spectators allowed for friendly games (where score and bragging rights are not assigned), not allowed for competitive scrimmages.
3. Accusing anyone of hacking is not allowed. (If you suspect foul play, collect proof, WE DO NOT CHEAT AND WILL NOT SCRIM WITH CHEATERS)
4. Communicate: if you have a problem with something or expect something from us, please just communicate it to us respectfully and our members are obligated to respond considerately.
5. No cheating.
6. Glitching maps is not allowed.
7. Using any admin that will interfere with scrim is not allowed.
8. Over all, we do not respect unfair playing (i.e. spawn killing, etc.)
9. Maturity, and mutual respect.

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