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Positions in LMC
« on: July 14, 2010, 10:27:44 am »
In the LMC community we don't have "ranks" per se. So don't expect to "rank-up" unless you join a LMC team that has ranks. We value unity and equality, and we find that in rank based structures those values are less expressed. We recognize commitment and contribution through praise and respect, giving credit where credit is due. In so many ranking systems the ranks are nearly meaningless, simply functioning as hand-outs. And we also want to avoid the "pulling-rank" dynamic where people attempt to force superiority and greater deference simply because of a rank.

However, to properly administrate the LMC Community and reach our goals as well as to support and improve awareness and maturity, it is necessary to have certain positions of responsibility and authority. Those positions are outlined here. (Tags are shown in white)

Tag examples:
ImaMember |LMC|
ImaRecruit (lmc)
ImaFriend (lmc)
[LMC] ImaMember
[lmc] ImaRecruit
[lmc] ImaFriend

Friends (LMC-Friend)  -also- [lmc]
LMC Friends are people who have agreed to follow the LMC Code of Conduct while in our forums and while wearing the "(LMC-Friend)" tags. They, along with the LMC Recruits and Members, make up the LMC Community. They are people who value maturity and would like to hang with us in TeamSpeak and on the forums and be a friend without actually going through recruitment to become an honored LMC Member. They are our friends, supporters, fans, and family.

Recruits (LMC-Recruit)  -also- [lmc]
Recruits are those people whose maturity has been recognized by a LMC Member as being on par with the LMC standards. Recruits are a part of LMC but have no authority except to wear the LMC Recruit tags so as to be recognized and supported (and evaluated) by LMC Members. LMC Recruits are tasked with proving their maturity, their support of LMC ideals, and their value as a friend and member of the LMC family.

Members |LMC| .Member.  -also- [LMC]
Members are the real family of LMC. Officers and Leaders are also still Members. Becoming an LMC Member is the real achievement and we treat all Members as equal and trusted. Thus, all Members have server administration powers. We give our trust and only revoke power when it has been abused. We'd rather treat you as a mature responsible Member right from the start rather than forcing you to prove yourself and grind through "ranks". The position of Member is more equivalent to that of an Officer in other clans/communities. We understand that those used to ranking systems will be searching for ways to "rank-up"; we ask that Members appreciate this immediate trust and responsibility, and instead of looking for promotion, value what has been given and work to maintain that trust and build upon it with further respect. We'd rather spend time becoming closer friends and getting to know each other better, than ranking up or gaining position above each other.

New Members |LMC| .NewMember.  -also- [LMC]
New Members are full members for all intents and purposes, except that they cannot yet endorse (sponsor) applicants  and make them recruits. "New Members" automatically become "Members" after 3 months.

Senior Members |LMC| .SrMember.  -also- [LMC]
Senior Members are full members for all intents and purposes, except that they carry the extra respect of having been a member for at least 1 year. They have no extra rights or privileges, we just thought it would be nice to distinguish those loyal members who have been around for a long time. 

Officers |LMC| .Officer.  -also- [LMC]
Officers are the guides and administrators of LMC. They must be knowledgeable in the both the details of the LMC Code of Conduct, as well as LMC Structure and governance. They are required to know everything about LMC so as to help Members better understand our ways. Most importantly, Officers are those Members that have proven over time that they are the best models of the LMC Code of Conduct. Officers are held more strictly to the Code of Conduct and are tested in the finer points and details. Officers must also have greatly contributed to LMC so as to show their commitment. Before becoming an Officer, an eligible Member must pass a detailed exam on the LMC rules, procedures, and structure. Officers must be 17 or older for legal reasons and as a standard. This way officers may also be given authority in other areas that are critical to LMC administration. LMC Officers are charged with educating and patiently guiding Members in LMC, as well as protecting and enforcing LMC's Code of Conduct.

Leaders |LMC| .Leader.  -also- [LMC]
The LMC Leaders are the Officers that have demonstrated the most wisdom. Leaders must know everything there is to know about the LMC Code of Conduct and LMC structure and organization. The Leaders are held to the highest standards of maturity and are the LMC role-models. First and foremost though, Leaders are the Legislators (law makers) of LMC. LMC Leaders have proven themselves to be intelligent and innovative so as to provide vital insight to important decisions, as well as be mature, compromising, and cooperative since the Leader Council can only create a rule or pass judgement with a unanimous Leader vote.
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