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LMC Structure
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LMC Governance is comprised of the "Leaders Board" (aka "Leader Council"). A voting body of community leaders that is empowered to take action and make decisions through unanimous votes. (click here for details)

Community administration will be done from an "LMC Agenda" which will be set and managed by the leaders.

There are also certain areas of responsibility that require more organization and structure. In such a case, an LMC Department is established to manage the work and responsibility. Any LMC Member can contruibute and help in a department if accepted by the department head.

LMC Agenda items (projects/todo) will carried out by ad-hoc "Project Teams" (individually created by the leaders based on availability and experience, and each team with a project leader). The team will be given a window of time  (a deadline) after which the team, hands-over what was accomplished, or will be given an extension.

All other actions or decisions will be carried out by the Leaders through a unanimous Leader vote, or temporarily delegated to an individual through a unanimous Leader vote.

Officers (and Leaders) have the authority to enforce the Code of Conduct to maintain our standards of maturity, by putting members on "Probation". Members on probation loose all associated rights and authority to their position, and may not wear the LMC tags. If a member is put on probation 3 times within a 6 month period, then any Leader may remove them from LMC for any further violation to the Code of Conduct.

LMC is run by rules, similar to a republic, that the leaders create through consensus and compromise. All rules and protocols will be linked here for easy access:
Code of Conduct,656.0.html
Application and Recruitment,587.0.html
Server Admin Protocols,2775.0.html
Roll Call,3776.0.html

Positions and Tags:

LMC Positions:
LMC Recruits
--Players who are working toward becoming a Member by being active and getting to know us.
LMC New Members
--Newly admitted Members who cannot endorse applicants.
LMC Members
--Members who have been in LMC for at least 3 months (time as a recruit does not count, only time as an active  full Member).
LMC Senior Members
--Members who have been in LMC for at least 1 year.
LMC Officers
--Members who understand all the inner-workings of LMC and can therefore enforce the rules.
LMC Leaders
--Officers who create new rules, and modify structure as needed.

LMC Sponsored Teams -
LMC sponsors many competition teams which are led by LMC members and are bound by the LMC Code of Conduct but carry their individual identities, separate of the LMC Community Team. LMC Sponsored Teams wear their team tags and may recruit mercenaries registered with LMC, to play for them. The best way to understand this and fit it into common ways of thinking, is that LMC is a community, and the sponsored teams are the "Clans" that comprise the LMC cooperative community. Similar to an alliance of clans.
(During events, the team members wear their team tags, NOT the LMC tags, like such: "[sT] PlayerName {Pvt}" or "PlayerName .DeRe.")

Members see HERE for updated and specific details as they are voted-in by the Leaders.
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