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Laurus Manus Concordia
« on: November 02, 2010, 01:03:25 pm »
We are a multi-gaming community dedicated to reaching the heights of teamwork/ tactics. LMC, or Laurus Manus Concordia, is Latin and reflects our motto: "Victory Through Teamwork".  It is a poetic representation of both our commitment to excellence ("Laurus" for the metaphorical laurel wreath), as well as our unity and focus on coordination/teamwork ("Manus" the many Hands of LMC; as one, in harmony "Concordia").

We live by a code of conduct that emphasizes honor, respect, and maturity. Our code of conduct cuts out the drama and flame wars found in other communities. We expect the best from people, but we don't abandon them if they struggle. We support each other, encourage effort, and understand that nobody is perfect. It is unrealistic to expect everyone to epitomize these ideals, but as long as members make a genuine attempt, they will earn our respect.

LMC is organized for effectiveness and growth. Necessity and objectivity over useless bureaucratic structure. LMC is owned by the community, and led by a council of capable leaders who are dedicated, and considerate. All decisions are by unanimous vote to ensure compromise and unity.

We are dedicated to training and innovating in the realm of tactical excellence. We work together to accomplish our goals, and aim to be top tier in competitive brackets -- by way of tactical creativity and coordination. Focused on bringing strategic satisfaction to our members, LMC fosters an environment receptive to new ideas.

LMC is the result of gamers wanting a fun and peace loving community.  That is what we have here. We have already proved our resilience. We are growing and have plans to expand indefinitely. Join now!
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