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How to become an LMC-Friend
« on: December 02, 2010, 01:02:58 pm »
How do I become an LMC-Friend?
All you have to do is post an introduction thread here: Introduce Yourself Thread.

For a template that you may use (if you like): Introduction Template.
Quick Link to Post new Introduction.

In your introduction, simply state that you wish to be an LMC-Friend, and that you agree to follow the LMC Code of Conduct when wearing the LMC-Friend Tags. That's it! =)

What is a "LMC Friend"?
An LMC Friend is a person who wishes to be involved in the LMC community, but either does not want to be a full member of LMC, or is too young to apply without first becoming a Friend. They are the supporting community of LMC, the fans, friends, family, etc.

LMC Friends can wear the LMC-Friend tags. For example, "K1llzor" is a player who is an LMC Friend, and so may wear the friend tags like so: "K1llzor (LMC-Friend)" in games where naming is dynamic such as in Insurgency, or like so: "[lmc] K1llzor" (notice that for LMC Friends and LMC Recruits the letters L-M-C must be lowercase) in games that have static names (as account name) that only permit a short tag prefix.

There is no age requirement for LMC friends. Only that you read and abide by the code of conduct whenever in LMC servers (including TeamSpeak and forums) and whenever wearing the LMC-Friend Tags.
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