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Requesting scrim
« on: February 02, 2012, 02:24:56 pm »
Hi I am posting on behalf of the 29th infantry division IJA clan and we are currently looking for groups to scrim with we are active every Tuesday and Saturday and are looking for matches that reach up to 10 vs 10. We are a small but experienced and growing clan with history in both DoD's realism and BG2. If your interested we would be very happy to discuss it further and narrow down the details contact me by either using my email (, visiting our website or poking me on steam user name Gochó.Hath|29th IJA (samitehl). Thanks for your time look forward to hearing from you!

Your team/clan name:29th IJA
Game for scrim: Red Orchestra 2
Is this a friendly game, or competitive? Freindly
LMC Team you are challenging :LMC Community Team
Requested map(s) to scrim on: Negotiable
Date and Time for scrim: Negotiable
IP address for scrim: (also negotiable)
Have you read the LMC scrimming expectations? yes

(I posted very shortly before this please remove original as I forgot the request form)


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Re: Requesting scrim
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2012, 09:34:58 pm »
Hey there! I don't think LMC community can field a team, but the 4F team would be glad to accept this friendly challenge (I think all LMC RO2 players are in 4F). 
Just message either myself (ZenPhire) or Omniconsumer, and we'll pick a time.  =)
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