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Recruitment Details and Info Explained
« on: September 19, 2010, 09:05:54 pm »
[attn]Remember you must also post an Introduction with as little or as much info about you as you wish to post.

Because we are very selective about who we admit into LMC, we have a specific recruitment process to help us in maintaining our goal of a mature and skilled member population.[/attn]

LMC is a mature community! If you are under the age of 17, you must join the Community first by becoming an "LMC-Friend" (details). After being an LMC Friend for 2 weeks, you may submit an application. Under age Recruits must go the extra mile to prove they have the required maturity to be an LMC member. Any Leader may deny an underage recruit for any violation of the Code of Conduct, so make sure to read it carefully.

Step 1. Application:
The first step in becoming an LMC member is to post an application in the "New Applications" forum area. When posting your application you must use the Application Template. Make sure to fill out all the information and read the template instructions to demonstrate your competency. You must also post an introduction in the "Introduce Yourself" thread. All of this is to make sure you have an attention span longer than a goldfish, are able to read, and can navigate and operate the forums (an important part, considering all announcements and activities are coordinated in the forums!).

Step 2. Recruitment:
Now is the first wait. To be accepted as a recruit, you must receive an Endorsement from a Member. Once you have an endorsement, you will officially be a recruit as soon as your status is changed by a forum administrator. Once your status in the forums reads "LMC Recruit" you are permitted to wear the LMC recruit tags like so: "[data]GameName (LMC-Recruit)[/data]" or  "[data][lmc] GameName[/data]" (notice that in bracket form the LMC is in lowercase for recruits). Whoever endorses you, will then be your "sponsor". It is your sponsor's responsibility to teach you about LMC, and ensure that you understand the LMC Code of Conduct.

To help your chances, get to know members until you feel comfortable enough with someone to ask them to sponsor you. Remember, you likely won't get an endorsement from someone you haven't gamed with for a little while, or have gotten to know. Don't be offended if an LMC Member says no to endorsing you and being your sponsor, being someone's sponsor is a lot of responsibility and most LMC members are very careful about who they choose to endorse. Just keep hanging with us and be yourself.

Step 3. Acceptance:
This is the golden time. Once you've been accepted as a recruit you should get to know other members and remain active on the Forums, in TeamSpeak, on the Gaming Servers... wherever you can. After one week of you being active in the forums and TeamSpeak, it's your sponsor's responsibility to post a vote in the members only forum and the whole LMC Community will vote to accept you as a member. The vote lasts for 1 week (you have to have enough votes though so be sure to be active on the servers, and forums, and TeamSpeak!). After two weeks of being a recruit, you should have earned your membership! Look for the change in your forum status to say "LMC New Member" and then you will officially be an LMC member and may wear the member tags like so: "[data]GameName |LMC|[/data]".  If you have been a recruit for 3 weeks you might want to remind your sponsor to post your membership vote. Keeping in contact with your sponsor is important!
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