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Info for Recruitment / Membership Application
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[note]NOTE: You must Register for the forums before you can view the Application Form. And please don't forget to post an introduction BEFORE submitting an application.*[/note]

How to become an LMC-Friend For info on how the become an LMC-Friend (part of the group/community but not a full member). Submitting an application will automatically make you an LMC Friend as long as you have posted an introduction (since you agree to follow the Code of Conduct in the Application).

[attn]Just the raw details:

Introduction HERE

Complete Application via the Application Form
 * if the form does not work for you see the [attn]application template[/attn][/size]

- When your forum rank/status reads "(LMC) Recruit", you've become a Recruit-
- When your forum rank/status reads "|LMC| New Member", you've become a Member-

(Your forum status can be seen just below your forum display name on your posts. Your LMC status is always equal to your forum status. If your forum status isn't changing you probably aren't active enough, or someone forgot to change it. If you have a sponsor, contact them.)[/attn]

Step 1

Application to become a recruit: (if you are under the age of 17, please see the note at the bottom of the post regarding underage applicants)

1) Post an introduction in the "Introduce Yourself" thread.

2) Use the Application Template and post in the "New Applications" forum area.

All of this is to make sure you have an attention span longer than a goldfish, are literate, and can navigate and operate the forums!

Step 2

Application acceptance:
- When you receive an Endorsement from a Member you may be accepted.

- When your status is changed in the forums, you will officially be a Recruit and may wear the tags (above your avatar, under your name, it must read "(LMC) Recruit" before you may wear the tags).

- Once a  recruit, you are permitted to wear the tags like so: "PlayerName (LMC-Recruit)" or "[lmc] PlayerName" (notice when using bracket form, the LMC must be lowercase). 

- Whoever endorses you is your sponsor. It is your sponsor's responsibility to teach you about LMC, and ensure that you understand the LMC Code of Conduct.

Step 3

Membership acceptance:

- After one week, it is your sponsor's responsibility to post a vote in the democratic forum area and the whole LMC Community will vote to accept you as a member. This acceptance vote lasts for one week.

- After two weeks of the process, you should have earned your membership! Look for the change in your forum status to say "LMC New Member" and then you will officially be an LMC member and may wear the member tags like so: "PlayerName |LMC|" or "[LMC] PlayerName".  Keeping in contact with your sponsor is important!

LMC is a mature minded community. If you are under the age of 17, you must join the community by first joining as a "LMC-Friend".  After being an LMC Friend for 2 weeks, you may submit an application. Under age Recruits must prove they have the required maturity to be an LMC member. Any Leader may deny an underage recruit for any violation of the Code of Conduct, so make sure to read it carefully.

[note]For a more articulate and detailed description of the process see here:,5730.0.html[/note]
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Re: READ ME (Recruitment Info)
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