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Spawn-Killing and Spawn-Exit-Killing Definitions.
« on: December 14, 2008, 07:22:26 pm »

Spawn-Killing (also: Spawn-Camping): An action defined as a player knowingly firing a weapon into (or using a weapon within range of, when regarding explosives) an enemy's immediate-spawn-area.

Spawn-Exit-Killing (Exit-Killing, also: Exit-Camping): An action defined as a player knowingly attacking a newly spawned enemy player before he/she has a chance to reach effective-cover. (Because that "chance" is subjective, an alternative, more concrete, definition follows as: ... a player firing upon an enemy player while the enemy player is within his/her extended-spawn-area and is not able to utilize effective-cover, unless [without doubt] the enemy player first fired upon the player in question. Using any explosives within range of the extended-spawn-area is considered exit-killing.)

Spawn-assaulting (Exit-Camping-2): An action defined as an assault on the area surrounding the enemy spawn position, when there is no tactical association to an objective, or when the same tactical intention could be executed further from the enemy spawn area without a sizable loss in efficiency.

Bottle-Necking: An action defined as the witting, or unwitting assault of all [or: most of] the enemy paths of travel from their extended-spawn-area, into an effective-cover area.


Defined as cover that can entirely conceal and protect a player in at least one stance (prone, crouching, standing). Some consider cover that can only conceal and protect a player in the prone position as only partially sufficient.

The direction from which any given cover is able to protect or conceal a player. If the cover in question can protect a player from multiple directions and cannot be logically separated into smaller parts, then it is multi-directional cover.

An immediate-area will henceforth be defined by the area around you in which the ground is -mostly- uniform and the space is not divided in any way by either long cover, or corners. A corridor or similar path of travel can be defined as a separate area, and so are not included in the immediate-area unless specifically stated to be. An immediate area may be defined by the area enclosed by the effective-cover surrounding a given position. (There can be at most an arc of 90deg between any marked cover from the position in question --or from the average position when considering multiple positions-- for cover to be considered surrounding... this means that at least 4 points of cover [or surrounding walls] are required to establish an immediate-area.)

Immediate-spawn-area (or: Spawn-Location):
The immediate-area(s) to the position(s) in which a team member might spawn at the time.

Immediate-spawn-area-exit (or: Spawn-Exit):
The cross-sectional area that is the union of the immediate-spawn-area, and an adjacent accessible area (i.e., any Extended-spawn-area).

Extended-spawn-area (or: Attached-Area / Greater-Spawn-Area / Spawn-Area):
The immediate-areas accessible from, and directly adjacent to, the immediate-spawn-area. If this area includes a large open area with limited or ineffective cover, then the extended-spawn-area is limited to 20 feet from the immediate-spawn-area-exit.
(An alternate definition, herein labeled "Effective-spawn-area," can be classified as all areas contained in the perimeter defined by the nearest areas to the spawn position that allow for the entire[or: most of the] team to reach effective-cover. Simply, it is the accumulation of all areas leading from the spawn location until enough effective cover is reached so as to prevent bottle-necking.)

Extended-spawn-area-exit (or: Extended-Exit / Attached-Exit / Exit):
The perimeter of the extended-spawn-area. Also defined as the cross-sectional area that is the union of the extended-spawn-area, and any adjacent accessible area farther from the immediate-spawn-area.

LOS-Extended-Spawn-area (or: L.O.S.S.): (Line Of Sight.)
Any area from which you have visual line of sight of the immediate-spawn-area. Term can be shortened to: L.O.S.S., Line Of Spawn Sight.
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