Author Topic: How to: Use your tablet/android phone as a screen/remote gaming device  (Read 9166 times)


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Author Evoke

Part 2 of my How To... tutorials!


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How to: Use your tablet/android phone as a screen/remote gaming device
Author : Evoke

so.. since everyone knows my laptop's screen is busted and i'm using a tablet as a screen for it right now, here's how

*note you need to have a tablet or a phone with android 4.1 or newer

Step 1: Install splashtop on your tablet or phone, there are several different versions of it but since you're going to use it locally as a replacement screen on your own wifi i suggest getting splashtop 2 for free, it has a monthly fee if you want to use it elswhere so keep that in mind

splashtop versions:
suggested version for local use:

step 2: install splashtop streamer on your computer from here:

step 3: create a splashtop account and log yourself in from both the streamer and the tablet

step 4: connect!

you're done! a quick backup screen!

right, so now we're going to explore the more exiting possiblities for android remote desktops - using your pc from where ever

every day errands, comes with keyboard and trackpad emulation

step 1: buy splashtop remote desktop for $5 (no point in the $2 monthly fee imo), repeat steps 2-4 from previous tutorial

now focusing on gaming, comes with an on-screen configurable gamepad

Step 1: Depending on your tablet, if it has a Nvidia Tegra3 processor you can buy splashtop THD for $10 and do steps 2-4 from the first tutorial (unless you already did the previous one) and you're done! pc gaming on your tablet enabled everywhere you get internet

OR if you don't have a tegra3 processor

Step 1: get Kainy on the google play store for $3, it's functionality and performance are fairly limited and setting it up is harder compared to splashtop but it does the trick

Step 2: Get the Kainy streamer from here:

Step 3: .. here's where it gets annoying.. launch the kainy streamer in your pc

Step 4: go to settings > network

Step 5: launch kainy on your mobile device

Step 6: select an empty server slot to create a profile

Step 7: fill all the required fields

Serveer name: EVK
ip addresses
local: port: xxxx
Internet: port: xxxx
Password: EBEE.14F3.DF12.1234

press back

Step 8: you SHOULD be able to connect from anywhere now, but since kainy i's definetly in a BETA it might not work

if you get an error saying "could not connect" check your connection info (press and hold profile > edit) or consult this:
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the one thing about splashtop THD is that unlike kainy it doesnt work on phones or amazon kindle

also the post was originally made a few months back when my screen was still broken