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Operation Pandora Trigger
« on: December 08, 2016, 01:10:56 am »
Location: Republic of Altis

Date: September 23, 2017

Situation: Tensions are rising in the Mediterranean with the political unrest in the EU. Migrants attack and spread middle eastern religions to Greece and the rest of Europe. The EU sits on the brink of collapse as nations leave. With the discovery of oil on the island of Altis, the Russian Federation makes a power play to secure the resources. Sending advanced units of VDV shock troops, the Russians secure the capital and start their occupation. With United States president Trump pressuring NATO to take action, the coalition decides to send a task force. Poland, England, The United States, and the Australia are preparing some of their best units to be sent in to liberate the island. Under the command of Supreme Commander LordHH, the forces prepare to unleash Pandora.

Special units:
Under the command of LordHH the Marine Expeditionary Unit will be the primary ground troops sent in to  fight. However if groups of four or more people want to, they can request to play as one of the following:
British Infantry
Australian SAS Commandos
Polish GROM
United States Special Forces (SEALs, RANGERS, CAG)

To apply, post to this thread with the people that will be accompanying the group. All group members must be online to use the equipment.

There will be one set day a week that operations will occur with one more floating day during the week.
The Primary operations day is TBD, keep posted here for more info.

If you have any questions or recommendations, or would like to be added to a special unit, please talk to the following.

Supreme Commander- LordHH
Executive Officer- Russianbiskets

Current list of Units and members:

Army Special Forces
Meow Tiger

German Panzergrenadiers:

Polish GROM

Australian SASR

British Infantry

Maps of current progress will be updated on this thread after each regular operation day.

Majority of the mods are now hosted on the steam workshop:
Mods that are not are:
Task Force Radio
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Re: Operation Pandora Trigger
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German Panzergrenadiers:

Lead: Commissar
Members: Muttdog1945, Daggeranater, Chango

And here is an example of our team:

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xaxaxaxa)) сука Блядь!!!


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Re: Operation Pandora Trigger
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Approved for German forces.


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Re: Operation Pandora Trigger
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That was strangely entertaining. I watched the whole thing. Veh Deh Vev! Hello from the sky.

They just stopped caring with the translation towards the end of the video lol.


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Re: Operation Pandora Trigger
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 8) no VdV here ;)