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- The game(s) you wish to be recruited for: (What, if any, games would you like to be exclusive to LMC in? If you are only joining to be part of the community, you may type "n/a" ; if you would like to make LMC your primary home above all other gaming communities and clans you may type "all".)Dying Light, Any other massive multiplayer
- Gaming Handle: (Name you play as, your "in-game name") [LMC]ARSmokesAK
- Real Name: (First Name and Last Initial) Tyler H
- Age: 16 1/2
- Location: (City, and Country or State) Michigan US
- Do you agree to follow the LMC Code of Conduct to the best of your ability?: I Agree
- Your unique ID: (The name that you log into Steam with.  This allows us to add you as a friend. Alternatively: your name in an alternative game-chat or messaging application [such as X-Fire, GSC, AIM, MSN, etc.], please specify both your username AND the program used if this is the case. [LMC]ARSmokesAK
- Do you have a computer with a microphone?:yes
- What server of ours do you play on most often: LMC|Gaming|TE
- When do you most often play:afternoon to night
- Who are some members you know?: Omniconsumer Dapilpsta MarxMan Acidrains
- If someone asked you to fill out an app, who was it?:  MarxMan Omniconsumer
- Favored playing style:fps commander and marksman and machine gunner and rifleman
- Anything else you'd like to say:I love u guys u my fam and cant wait to have a good time because that is what i need after everything that happened in my life


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Re: application
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what up man! thanks for filling this out
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Re: application
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Welcome to the forum