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HOW TO: Complain about an LMC member
« on: December 19, 2008, 04:23:28 pm »
This guide will be very helpful in improving our clan, community and servers.  I will show you how NOT to complain about LMC members and then show you how to complain about LMC members.

Everything in yellow is BAD.
Topic name: Getting kicked by some lame carnage

power hungry admins that dont know what the hell their talking about pisses me off.  ban me for disrespecting an LMC member would prolly fall in place right now cause ya ill disrespect carnage no matter what turf he is on.  piffn call me a hacker.

I play a piffn game for fun not to just shoot people and score high.  So if i win or lose i still have can get the piff over it carnage....maybe you just suck and im better...ever think of that.  I know gremlin was sucking hell he shot at your ass a whole clip you turned and destroyed him.  should we kick your ass off for god hacks.

its pure and total bullmuck. have a nice piffn day

Okay, when dealing with people, hostility is always met with hostility, even if the party being complained to was wrong.  You go to RadioShack, for god knows what reason, and buy a plasma.  The next day it breaks.  Do you go in there dropping F bombs and cussing the manager out?  No, because RadioShack stocks gamma rays so the employees would instantly vaporize you.  As RadioShack would happily ban you from life, we will happily ban you from our servers for life if you EVER disrespect one, two, three, twenty, of our members.  We will put our member's respect and honor first over yours every single time.

Now with that important life lesson done...

Here's how I would complain about a member (and have):

Hey LMC,
I was playing on your server earlier, and one of your members, Snakemuck, kept teabagging my dead lifeless ragdoll body after he obliterated me time and time again with his AK74U.  I asked him multiple times in the server to stop, as it made me feel uncomfortable.

Here is a screenshot of him in the act:

I enjoy playing on your servers, but would really enjoy if I wasn't met with such chronic abuse by some of your members.


The key is RESPECT.  Just be respectful and detailed all of the leaders and high ranking officers will gladly hear you out and take you seriously. If you have evidence, then that helps too.  Any disrespect at all will cause your case to be thrown out.


Snakemuck (Leader)
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