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Warning of hacker


Not sure if you guys check the Insurgency forums, but here's a heads up


|INS| Maclovin aka Sr Pilas Malafaia
Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:31961099

This was yesterday while |ST6| Mogg was streaming.

I noticed a few people with the |INS| tag they were acting really fishy, IE. playing extremely well and getting shots 90% of people wouldn't be able to get, like getting shot through a wall or other penetrable surface without being able to see me. Also after I had joined they had left within 10 min even though our server was half full. I didn't say anything because I had not seen enough to make a valid case but they deffinantly seemed like they were doing too good and was possibly aimbotting/ESPing (wallhacks). I could be mistaken about all of it, hell maybe they are just that good, but from experience it most defenantly seemed like they had some sort of artificial help.

I was in the server with maclovin, he didnt seem to be hacking but I did have to give him warnings about mic spamming.

Here is the video of him speed hacking and using obvious wallhacks on |ST6| Mogg's live stream.  Streamed live and recorded.

He only became blatant recently about such things when no admins are present.
He cannot be votekicked, votebanned, or dealt with.  He just laughs it off and says whoever kills him is the cheater.

I mean, if the video above isn't proof enough that he's using speed hacks and wallhacks with a perfectly aimed RPG without peeking...

I wasn't discrediting what you said, I was just telling my experience with him  :P Definitely looks like speed hacks to me though.


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