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Permanent Ban: ArtilleryWhore


Throughout the course of a year, maybe even more, artillery has repeatedly expressed his feelings towards other groups is specific veins of these particular infractions. These infractions pertain to...

-Blatant anti-Semitic views with intent to express hostility towards anyone who says otherwise.

-Disregard for women in an aggressive and blatant and angry way.

-Hostility towards other members of the teamspeak through cursing or trolling them for their particular views and expressing discontent with anyone who doesn't agree with him on even a base line level.

-Disrespect towards officers and leaders when it would pertain to anyone else within the channel.

-Not respecting the Code of Conduct or following it.

-While a lot of people are present within channels, starting arguments with someone who was clearly unhappy or angry with a particular situation and making sure that they remain pissed off and creating a sense of disdain through the rest of the time there.

-Never concerning himself with anything other then complaining and winging about things when people are on.

-Multiple attempts to argue with anyone who disagrees and targeting people he doesn't like or agree with during conversation.

Thanks for catching this!b


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