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Topic Summary

Posted by: ZenPhire
« on: October 11, 2014, 05:24:54 pm »

Yep that was it. Except 18s. I had 17s I only just beat that yesterday, but beware, I'm gunning for that position. I got 12s with AK47 and m4 I'm gonna go for 3 of a kind! lol
Posted by: deadmanwalking
« on: October 11, 2014, 07:19:49 am »

White and Zen,

 You two are always so competitive.  ::)
Posted by: White Warrior
« on: October 11, 2014, 01:50:02 am »

I still hold it for the L1A1 Zen  ;D

I remember scoring that too, at first i was at 16 sec which was the fastest and i think it was you that tried it again and tied with me so i had to beat you lol.
Posted by: ZenPhire
« on: October 10, 2014, 10:10:06 pm »

Been a while since I updated these scores, BREJIFUS loaded the shooting range on her server and so I just had to go try my hand to see if I was still any good. Certainly not as good as back in the day but I did manage to get a new ranged accuracy score with the L1A1 and nearly re-up the sights strafing with m4 quali. Even got to add a new person to the board "viper" tried his hand and made vertran ranged m4 on the first try. Good times... got me all nostalgic.
Posted by: TLKwarrior
« on: May 20, 2011, 05:52:19 am »

I remember my test day espically when I got that 350m headshot with the Einfield with the first shot.
Posted by: ZenPhire
« on: April 30, 2011, 02:22:24 pm »

Updated some recent tests/scores, and created new recognition section for quick access to special achievements and bragging rights.
Posted by: ZenPhire
« on: April 28, 2011, 03:44:10 pm »

Congrats to Marxman (McFadden) for setting new records for both the M4(vert) and the AKS74U. And of course for still holding the record for the SKS. (all of these records are fastest VET time on sights accuracy test)
Posted by: ZenPhire
« on: April 27, 2011, 08:23:16 pm »

Some random person jumped on and beat WhiteWarriors record with teh L1A1, hen White get's on and sets a 14 second (!!! holy hell !!!) record to show just who's the best. A good day for testing. =)
Posted by: ZenPhire
« on: January 13, 2010, 02:25:18 pm »

do you have our results from the pistol fun night?

That wasn't a qualification, it was just a skill placement, something quick to assign teams. ;)

ohhhh so this is what you guys were always doing on the test range
what is a non-stock insurgency?

Non-stock is using any custom skins etc.
Posted by: bluewagon
« on: January 12, 2010, 07:05:18 pm »

ohhhh so this is what you guys were always doing on the test range
what is a non-stock insurgency?
Posted by: NyteSniper
« on: November 24, 2009, 07:43:30 am »

mmm i like seeing my name multiple times...especially saying EXPERT! :D
Posted by: ZenPhire
« on: November 22, 2009, 03:46:40 pm »

Updated 11/22/09

Congrats to .44 Caliber on setting the new record with the m14:
headshots on all the field targets (including the farthest target) in only 25 seconds!
Posted by: ZenPhire
« on: September 14, 2009, 08:39:03 am »

Updates to include latest scores.

Congratulations to WAAKOW for being the first to make Expert on the 203 course!

Congrats also to .44 Caliber for his first qualification (and it was veteran distance m14 no less!).
Posted by: ZenPhire
« on: May 20, 2009, 02:02:08 am »

For test details:,2247.0.html

[25m-auto] = Controlled Automatic Fire Test
[25m-S.H.] = Strafe Hip Accuracy Test
[25m-H.] = Hip Accuracy Test
[50m-S.] = Strafe Sights Accuracy
[100-250m] = Sights Accuracy Test
[100-350m] = Sniper Accuracy Test
[100m-D.] = Deployed and Undeployed LMG Accuracy Test
[100m-B.] = LMG bust fire suppression test
[203-TEST] = 203 proficiency obstacle course
[RPG-TEST] = RPG Proficiency obstacle course
[SNIPER] = Sniper Proficiency obstacle course
[PISTOL] = Pistol Accuracy and Speed Test
[SNAP] = Snap-shooting test (speed/reflex shooting)

BAS = Basic Qualification
VET = Veteran Qualification
EXP = Expert Qualification

(!) = Partially valid (player was not using stock Insurgency)
(*) = Partially valid (prior to latest major update)

Records and mentions

Weapon speed scores: (fastest scores on Veteran or Expert [100-250m]/[100-350m])
M4(vert) - Marxman 19sec
M4(aim) - KauaiBoi 12sec
AK47 - KauaiBoi 12sec
AKS74U - Marxsman 15sec
M16 - NyteSniper 16sec
SKS - Marxman 15sec
L1A1 - WhiteWarrior 14sec
M14 - Technicolor 22sec   (w/ HS on 350m)
Dragunov - C@rnage 52sec  (w/ HS on 350m)
Enfield - KauaiBoi 61sec

Weapon Expert: (must have Expert [100-250m] & Veteran [50m-S.] for assault rifles; Expert [100-350m] for sniper rifles; Expert in the course test for RPG or 203; Expert [PISTOL] and Veteran [50m-S.] for pistols)
AK47: KauaiBoi, Burke
M14Technicolor, 44 Caliber, Burke, KauaiBoi
M9: KauaiBoi

[sT] Standards Achievers (only "Exceptional" and above are mentioned, details):
KauaiBoi (Expert)
44 Caliber (Expert) 

Burke (Exceptional) 


M4 (Vert-Grip):
EXP [100-250m] KauaiBoi 43sec
EXP[25m-auto] Marxman 29/30
VET [100-250m] Marxman 19sec
VET [100-250m] KauaiBoi 20sec
VET [100-250m] WhiteWarrior 22sec
VET [100-250m] <@N@>Ninja Muffin! 23sec
VET [50m-S.] <@N@>Ninja Muffin!
VET [25m-H.] Marxman 7sec
VET [25m-H.] <@N@>Ninja Muffin! 15sec
VET [25m-S.H.] Marxman
VET [25m-S.H.] <@N@>Ninja Muffin!

M4 (Aim-Point):
EXP [100-250m] KauaiBoi 27sec
EXP [100-250m] Viper 59sec
EXP [25m-auto] Yoder308 28/30
VET [100-250m] KauaiBoi 12sec
VET [100-250m] Blue-Blood 19sec
VET [100-250m] Viper 33sec
VET [100-250m] SN!TCH KILLAH 35sec
VET [100-250m] Yoder308 42sec
VET [100-250m] .44 Caliber 55sec
VET [100-250m] GSGen 59sec  (*)
VET [100-250m] Wink 42sec (!) (*)
VET [50m-S.] Blue-Blood
VET [50m-S.] KauaiBoi
VET [50m-S.] Yoder308
VET [SNAP] Blue-Blood 11sec
VET [25m-S.H.] KauaiBoi
VET [25m-S.H.] Blue-Blood
VET [25m-H.] Yoder308 11sec
VET [25m-H.] KauaiBoi 12sec
VET [25m-auto] Blue-Blood (22/30)
BAS [25m-H.] KauaiBoi 39sec
BAS [25m-H.] TANK DAKING 39sec
BAS [25m-S.H.] Yoder308

EXP [100-250m] KauaiBoi 27sec
EXP [100-250m] NyteSniper 48sec (*)
EXP [100-250m] Burke 58sec
EXP [25m-H.] KauaiBoi 4.5sec
EXP [25m-auto] M@ximus 25/30 (*)
VET [50m-S.] Killswitch
VET [50m-S.] 44 Caliber
VET [50m-S.] KauaiBoi
VET [50m-S.] Burke
VET [50m-S.] IkuTri
VET [50m-S.] Outsidethebox
VET [50m-S.] Monster
VET [100-250m] KauaiBoi 12sec
VET [100-250m] Killswitch 17sec
VET [100-250m] NyteSniper 20sec
VET [100-250m] Burke 21sec
VET [100-250m] Deadmanwalking 24sec
VET [100-250m] 44 Caliber 25sec
VET [100-250m] Forward 25sec
VET [100-250m] Klose 28sec
VET [100-250m] Pancakes 28sec (*)
VET [100-250m] Lt Petrolof 44sec
VET [100-250m] TANK DAKING 46sec
VET [100-250m] Outsidethebox 48sec
VET [25m-S.H.] KauaiBoi
VET [25m-S.H.] 44 Caliber
VET [25m-S.H.] Burke
VET [25m-H.] Burke 11sec
VET [25m-H.] Forward 12sec
VET [25m-H.] NyteSniper 12sec
VET [25m-H.] 44 Caliber 13sec
BAS [25m-H.] Killswitch 20sec
BAS [25m-S.H.] Killswitch
BAS [25m-S.H.] KauaiBoi
BAS [25m-S.H.] Forward
BAS [25m-S.H.] NyteSniper
BAS [50m-S.] Technicolor

EXP [25m-auto] KauaiBoi 29/30
EXP [25m-auto] Phlo 24/30 (*)
VET [100-250m] Marxsman 15sec
VET [100-250m] US-Navy-SEAL 23sec
VET [100-250m] KauaiBoi 38sec
VET [100-250m] Tankdaking 39sec
VET [100-250m] <@N@>Ninja Muffin! 42sec
VET [100-250m] Phlo 57sec (*)
VET [50m-S.] <@N@>Ninja Muffin!
VET [50m-S.] Phlo (*)
VET [25m-S.H.] <@N@>Ninja Muffin!
VET [25m-S.H.] Phlo (*)
VET [25m-H.] KauaiBoi 9sec
VET [25m-H.] <@N@>Ninja Muffin! 10sec
VET [25m-H.] US-Navy-SEAL 13sec
VET [25m-H.] Phlo 15sec (*)
VET [25m-auto] M@ximus 20/30 (*)
BAS [25m-S.H.] US-Navy-SEAL
BAS [50m-S.] Tankdaking
BAS [50m-S.] US-Navy-SEAL

EXP [100-250m] Marxman 33sec
EXP [100-250m] RAZORBACKPRO 39sec
EXP [25m-H.] Burke 3sec
VET [50m-S.] Killswitch
VET [50m-S.] NyteSniper
VET [50m-S.] 44 Caliber
VET [50m-S.] KauaiBoi
VET [50m-S.] Outsidethebox
VET [50m-S.] Burke
VET [100-250m] NyteSniper 16sec
VET [100-250m] Marxman 17sec
VET [100-250m] Killswitch 18sec
VET [100-250m] Burke 20sec
VET [100-250m] Frozen 20sec (*)
VET [100-250m] RAZORBACKPRO 21sec
VET [100-250m] Klose 28sec
VET [100-250m] Deadmanwalking 28sec
VET [100-250m] KauaiBoi 31sec
VET [100-250m] 44 Caliber 34sec
VET [100-250m] NyteSniper 36sec
VET [100-250m] Forward 45sec
VET [100-250m] Outsidethebox 55sec
VET [25m-S.H.] 44 Caliber
VET [25m-S.H.] Burke
VET [25m-H.] NyteSniper 9sec
VET [25m-H.] Forward 9sec
VET [25m-H.] 44 Caliber 11sec
VET [25m-H.] Christian 11sec
VET [25m-H.] KauaiBoi 13sec
VET [25m-H.] WAAKOW 15sec
BAS [25m-H.] Killswitch 40sec
BAS [25m-S.H.] Killswitch
BAS [25m-S.H.] NyteSniper
BAS [50m-S.] Christian

VET [50m-S.] TacoMan259
VET [100-250m] Marxman 15sec
VET [100-250m] KauaiBoi 21sec
VET [100-250m] NyteSniper 30sec (*)
VET [100-250m] Dude 43sec
VET [100-250m] VanillaIce 45sec (*)
VET [100-250m] Klose 46s

EXP [100-250m] KauaiBoi 46sec
VET [50m-S.] Ninja
VET [100-250m] WhiteWarrior 14sec
VET [100-250m] KauaiBoi 16sec
VET [100-250m] Ninja 18sec
VET [100-250m] Marxman 20sec
VET [100-250m] TLKwarrior 23sec
VET [100-250m] McFadden 34sec
VET [100-250m] Ra1n 45sec

EXP [100-350m] Technicolor 22sec   (headshot 350m+)
EXP [100-350m] .44 Caliber 25sec   (headshot 350m+)
EXP [100-350m] Burke 26sec
EXP [100-350m] KauaiBoi 30sec
VET [100-350m] Bubbles 33sec  (headshot 350m+) (*)
VET [100-350m] Forward 45sec
VET [100-350m] Killswitch 46sec
VET [100-350m] Frozen 47sec
VET [100-350m] TacoMan259 58sec
VET [100-350m] SN!TCH KILLAH 59sec
VET [100-350m] Pancakes 60sec (*)
BAS [100-350m] Grim_Marine 48sec

VET [100-350m] C@rnage 52sec  (HS on 350m) (*)
VET [100-350m] Wink 54sec (*)
VET [100-350m] Killswitch 54sec
VET [100-350m] Forward 58sec
VET [100-350m] 44 Caliber 63sec

VET [100-350m] KauaiBoi 61sec
VET [100-350m] GSGen 67sec (*)

EXP [100m-D.] NyteSniper 10sec
EXP [100m-D.] Forward 10sec
EXP [100m-D.] Marxman 12sec
EXP [100m-D.] Pancakes 12sec  (*)
EXP [100m-D.] GSGen 14sec (*)
EXP [100m-D.] Frozen 14sec (*)
EXP [100m-D.] Ritchie 14sec
EXP [100m-B.] Frozen 56sec (*)
EXP [100m-B.] GSGen 60sec (*)
VET [100m-D.] Killswitch 20sec

EXP [100m-D.] Marxman 12sec
EXP [100m-D.] Forward 12sec
EXP [100m-D.] NyteSniper 12sec
VET [100m-D.] Killswitch 17sec

EXP [PISTOL] KauaiBoi 10sec (*)
VET [50m-S.] NyteSniper
VET [50m-S.] 44 Caliber
VET [25m-S.H.] NyteSniper
VET [25m-S.H.] 44 Caliber
VET [25m-S.H.] Burke
VET [50m-S.] KauaiBoi (*)
VET [50m-S.] Burke
VET [25m-H.] KauaiBoi 9sec
VET [25m-H.] Burke 11sec
BAS [25m-H.] Killswitch 19sec
BAS [25m-H.] NyteSniper 22sec
BAS [25m-H.] Forward 22sec
BAS [25m-H.] 44 Caliber 23sec
BAS [25m-H.] Grim_Marine 25sec
BAS [25m-S.H.] KauaiBoi

EXP [25m-H.] Burke 5sec
VET [50m-S.] 44 Caliber
VET [50m-S.] KauaiBoi
VET [50m-S.] NyteSniper
VET [50m-S.] Killswitch
VET [50m-S.] Forward
VET [50m-S.] Burke
VET [25m-S.H.] 44 Caliber
VET [25m-S.H.] Burke
VET [25m-H.] KauaiBoi 13sec
VET [25m-H.] 44 Caliber 15sec
BAS [25m-H.] Killswitch 38sec
BAS [25m-H.] NyteSniper 20sec
BAS [25m-H.] Forward 20sec
BAS [25m-S.H.] Killswitch
BAS [25m-S.H.] KauaiBoi

EXP [m203-TEST] WAAKOW 3:29sec & 0/8-misses (*)
VET [m203-TEST] C@rnage 3:49sec & 1/8-misses (*)

VET [100-350m] GSGen 60sec (*)