Author Topic: Taste the International Music Scene (Plus Comments)  (Read 2107 times)


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Taste the International Music Scene (Plus Comments)
« on: March 13, 2013, 07:55:40 am »
(Still under construction) so not done yet   ;)
I know must of us in US/CAN believe we are the only people on the planet haha but i'm starting this forum page to make a list of your favorite International bands(Bands or musicians from OUTSIDE North America) Since I'm the one starting this page i guess it's only fair I go first.

(Too many to list) top five xD

1. Asian Kung Fu Generation (Song:Rewrite)

2. TWO MIX (Japanese intro for season 2 of Gundam Wing ) (p.s I have every gundam model put together in a cabanet -.-)

3. The intro for Tenchu 2 birth of the stealth assassins(because it was one of the first japanese vocals i could sing -.- and because i'm utterly obsessed with NINJAS or shinobi (proper japanese term) I have Gone to japan and undergone lets say BEGINNER Lessons, i was only there for 5 months so obviously i never got into the deeper part of training such as 1 hit kill moves or weapon sweeping techniques(taking a weapon from your opponents hand such as a pistol or knife) but i do have training with Katana, ninjato, kunai, stars, Yari and Yumi. I have medium level implementation of Stealth and consealment. I have to admit even though i could easily kill someone with their own weapon should someone attack me, I'm not 100% sure if i could kill someone unless there was absolutely no other way.

4. WOO HOO by the 5 6 7 8s because it is possibly the most irritating song in exsistance. (not on purpose either -.-) (p.s.s Vonage might have stole this song and not gave them credit but this is a REAL song by a REAL japanese band LOL You should check out this band for sure they do have some decent tunes besides the fore mentioned one above that i will pretend i never added on this list)

5. Kesenai Tsumi - Nana Kitade Yes i have two songs from FMA(FullMetal Alchemist) on here. good anime series if you like anime, animation is fantastic and visually stunning for an anime. Characters are very very detailed and dynamic thus changing with the story.


1. Who doesn't put Rammstein under this category LOL (personal favs DU HAST! Feuer frei)

2. Jysper KYD Yes it is the people who make more or less all the music from edios's Hitman series

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Re: Taste the International Music Scene (Plus Comments)
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Judas Iscariot


Ancient Rites
Artic Frost

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Re: Taste the International Music Scene (Plus Comments)
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2013, 10:45:57 am »

Smilers Räägi mis sa teed

Smilers - Käime katuseid mööda

Tanel Padar & The Sun
Tanel Padar & The Sun "welcome To Estonia"

The Sun Üksinda Üksinduses

The Sun - Võta aega

Tanel Padar parodying Tina Turner for lulz

Tanel Padar vs Tina Turner - Proud Mary - Your Face Sounds Familiar

^ seriously.. dont ask

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