Author Topic: Indies Grab the Controls at a Game Conference  (Read 2072 times)


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Indies Grab the Controls at a Game Conference
« on: April 01, 2013, 04:11:52 pm »
Interesting New York Times article on the rise of Indie developers.

So we all know it, the decline of the console industry is apparent in the figures of last year.  Indie developers are on the rise in video gaming in general.  People love choice and people also love choice that won't break the bank and is fun!

Personally, I will never buy a full retail game again, before I "try" it out.  I am wary of big companies, big organizations/corporations and big government.  What do they have in common with big names such as Valve, EA, Sega, etc. ?  They all lie.  Lie straight to our faces and get away with it.  The most recent example would be, Sega's / Gearbox developers Aliens:Colonial Marines.

New York Times Article:

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