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Da Vinci's Demons
« on: April 13, 2013, 11:13:25 pm »
  Well first off this is a show not to be watched around the little ones  ;) Now with that aside lets get into it. The story takes place in Florence while Leo was still young, About 22-25ish long before alot of his inventions. The plot is wonderful and the scenery is spectacular. Then add Tom Riley as Leo you have a great set up with enough action and humor sure to make your day. The story starts off with Leo sketching a portrait of a rather hot topless chick  :o Then shortly after he tests his flying wing invention. Later on he has an idea that he should be a Military Architect for the city of Florence. I don't wanna tell you guys anymore because it could ruin the suspense for you. I highly reccomend watching it. It airs Friday night on stars or around midnight on your favorite torrent site.  :P

Da Vinci's Demons - Trailer
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Re: Da Vinci's Demons
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I'm sold. Thanks for the update on it.  I was actually very interested in watching this show.


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Re: Da Vinci's Demons
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Liking these reviews sketc, keep em up.


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Re: Da Vinci's Demons
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seems interesting.. me likey, me likey a lot :D

gonna watch when ever i can