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dead frontier
« on: December 14, 2008, 10:52:31 am »
yea i know u all have been hearing me talk about this game and i finally know why i love it so much. its because it filled my world of warcraft rpg need. Its a cool top down webbrowser based mmo survival rpg where u go out into this gigantic maze of a city to find weapons money and food.  You get to carry 3 weapons at a time and depending on what weapon u use depends on the aggro that u create and how many zombies can appear on the screen.  now to sell weapons/food/ammo/medicalsupplies...... and the such u go into the forums and toss up a thread and people can trade with u and buy stuff off of u even if ur offline.  theres single player offline or multiplayer online singleplayer i like more just for the pause key [P] map key [M] and invintory key and u can only use [p] and in single player (great for looting runs when u need to pause and figure out where to go next) so if u ever get tired of playing the same thing over and over check this game out ill toss the link in now [url][]  btw this is how the game describes itself lol

"Dead Frontier Online takes you to a post zombie apocalypse world. Create your character, buy equipment, kill undead and raid malls. Play this FREE ZOMBIE MMO now!"


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