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New INS Competitive Website
« on: January 24, 2014, 08:59:22 am »
First off I use to play INS competitively for the clan eGO way back in the day of the original INS mod.  I've recently started to get back into the Insurgency scene and wanted to try and help stir up more interest in Insurgency.  A few members are trying to get as much of the community involved in a weekly event called Draft Night.  Basically anyone wanting to play Insurgency and get a feel for the competitive side and a great way to meet others within the INS community are welcomed.  A day will be chosen by the community with a dedicated TS server for players to join.  Each week a group of team captains will be chosen and teams will be picked among those that attend.  A small bracket style of competition will be played and even have some games streamed for everyone to watch.  If interested please msg me on Steam or check out the forum post on the Insurgency forums.

Thanks,  Cosmo X


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Re: New INS Competitive Website
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Right on man! Thanks for sharing your project with us. =)
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Re: New INS Competitive Website
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Thanks for the share. Good Info.