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Come Play DayZ
« on: August 22, 2014, 09:35:58 am »
myself and a few other guys n gals have got a dayz server running and i thought some here might like to come give it a go.

it is far from just dayz mind. with the epoch mod over the top of it for crafting and building, the weapons, items and vehicles from overwatch it is very much a more realistic version of what it would be after a zombie epoch.

pvp is cool (read encouraged) but you can go pve only if you wish too. we have 3 current types of missions running and a soon to be implemented super mission. which will ultimately have multi phases of engagement across the whole map but will start with just 1 ai defended location.

along with the arma2 and oa files you will also need to have epoch and overwatch unpacked in your arma2 oa install location. dayz launcher is the easiest option, but playwith6 and dayz commander will also work.  : 2302

is the server ip and i hope to see you there soon :)