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« on: August 04, 2010, 06:38:55 pm »
Please DONATE8)

Donation recognitions:
Thank you to: 
...for your generous donations! =D

We are based solely on donations, and so if members don't donate, then we starve! (insert graphic image of children in Somalia, and dying small fluffy animals for sympathy)  :'(

And remember... take advantage of our assets and USE our servers! All members have admin so that we can keep it a grief-free fun place (if you are a member and your admin isn't working then please contact a leader to get it set-up). Usually it only takes a little bit of seeding/priming to get the server from empty to crazy fun.

Thank you all! =)
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Re: Donations
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didnt add the pic of the starving kids... i mean.. thats just not right.

everyone knows i would if i could (sadly broke and trying to save for a new pc :( )

so plz donate?
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Re: Donations
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Once I put some more scrill  on my debit card ill pitch.
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