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Homeworld Remastered

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Homeworld is a real-time strategy pc game originally released on September 28, 1999, developed by Relic Entertainment. Gearbox is remastering it for a new generation of PCs and gamers alike. (continued...) 


One of the best 3D Space combat RTS games ever made is coming back.  I am still in disbelief.  It is very hard for me to believe.  The number of nerdgasms I will have will surely incapacitate me. It will be playable in 4K graphics, so it will be even more playable for years and years to come. 

People are talking about pre-order soon on several PC digital platforms and a release projected early autumn 2014.   :o

Now I am not one to wait on much, but I become absolutely giddy as a school girl when it comes to the Homeworld franchise.  It will be difficult getting through the summer without thinking about this. 


Also, check out some old gameplay on youtube.

Homeworld 2 Gameplay

There is a rainbow shooting out of my mouth right now.... Ahghahahhh... :o

I'm really afraid. Just imagining how much time I put into sins... and this looks better. I'm actually hoping it's not good so that I can still have a social life lol. Holding my breathe for this game starting.... now!

The single player story line, music and missions alone are worth it.  I really, REALLY want that key chain. 

The multiplayer was amazing.


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