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This game is like Mario Cart on crack combined with a gliding simulator. You create the track while you race and can take shortcuts via gliding.  (continued)

I love simple racing games, and this one has an awesome twist. The ability to go from gliding to driving seamlessly and make the track tops it off for me. You create the track while you race by moving through different parts of gates that appear and driving over powerup-esque things that create gaps and hills and loop de loops and what not.  The game also features deployable wings for your vehicle, so you can take shortcuts or save yourself from flying off the track. The graphics are crisp and pretty and the game is very well designed. It has full controller support (which makes this game even better), Local Co-op (even more awesome), and online multiplayer. The game is still in Alpha, so its awaiting more development and updates before release.  its 10 bucks right now, and I think it was totally worth it.


And I still have no piffing idea why its called Krautscape



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