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LMC game nights!

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Now finally hopefully starting! LMC GAME NIGHTS!


 Gather in teamspeak every saturday and sunday at 4pm EDT!

(2pm PST, 8pm GMT)

This weekend's games are:

saturday: Insurgency

sunday: arma3

inquire about the arma3 modpack from either corban, russianbiskets, gravy or irishassailant
the contents are most likely: task force arrowhead radio (with TS plugin), medic mod, more vehicles and more weapons combined with a few AI mods

the vote for next week's games will be posted on sunday if requested

The mods we will be using are as follows

CSE http://csemod.com/
TFAR http://radio.task-force.ru/en/
ALiVE http://alivemod.com/

All of those mods should be placed in your Arma 3 folder (Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > Arma 3) and activated under configure > expansions. Consult each mods installation notes in order to install it properly.

I'll probably always be there or lurking in the background as you already know!  8)

 If you can, just drag me into the channel if I'm not around.

I ll be there... not playing these games but worst case scenario I l just drag omni around a little


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