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LMC War Thunder Tournament

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There will be a War Thunder http://warthunder.com/us tournament just between LMC, held next weekend, starting saturday.

As I get feedback I will make a good timeframe for when the tournament will start. The tournament will be held in realistic mode. Just show up and you will be placed in a match. There will be a prize, your badge of honor. But remember, this is just for fun.

Don't worry about differences in levels or if you don't have that many planes and or tanks I have accounted for this because you will only face planes and tanks of equal teir and BR.

So join up and lets have some fun! 

Is there a chance for a noob like me? lol =)


--- Quote from: ZenPhire on February 04, 2015, 11:34:08 am ---Is there a chance for a noob like me? lol =)

--- End quote ---

I accidentally modified your post instead of replying hahahaha.

Now that it's fixed, you should be fine Zen. Tank warfare isn't as refined and abstract as planes, and if you do want to fly hop in a bomber and use your gunners haha.

Awesome! I'll try to make it then. I'm assuming the times will be posted by fri night? I think I'm mostly free this weekend, busy as hell, but I mean I can make time anytime... as long as I have a heads-up. =)

The time will be set for 7pm. If you can make it dont worry this will be on going.


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