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Is about to get a awesome update it is free to play. One thing, if you don't spend money you have to grind to level up. Which is fine, contact me and i will help you out. I am maxed out and can bring any tier vehicle to help you out. With update there will still be platoons up to 4 ppl in a platoon. Also bringing respawn and destroy the base options. Read More here.


If someone could fix this post so it works i would love ya for it too tired to figure it out right now.

Its a fun game, but people should be warned it has a pretty nasty paywall, or used to when I was playing.

Seems like paywalls are a fact of life everywhere you go in life nowadays.

i used to play it a bunch last year... the amount of people using small vehicles using tier 2 railguns to get easy kills in tier 1 battles to make easy credits was astonishing lol

its still fun though if you ignore the "pay to get better things insanely faster" aspect of it.. i think i should be at tier 3 or 4 items if i recall correctly


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