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Cyril - Ban appeal
« on: August 16, 2012, 01:12:16 pm »
I just got ban for 'money hacking'.

Here is what happened:
I got into the game, I bought a bike, I tuned it, I met a freind on the server he told me to join his gang. So I joined his gang, he then told me to meet him so he could give me somethig. So I met up with him and he gave me a very large sum of money (10 mil).

Following this, I was immediately stopped by cops checked and restrained. I asked why they were doing this and they gave me no answer. They kept asking where I got the money in Direct Chat, so I assumed since this is a Roleplay server, I would stay in character and gave them useless information (for all I know what I had on me was drug money, and I can't exactly say that to cops without having it confiscated or going to jail).

After talking to the cops and recieving no response, I recieved a server message informing me I was banned for 'money hacking'. I recieved no message on global chat from an admin asking me where I had gotten the money and I recieved no warning before being banned that I was going to be banned either.

I joined a few days ago, I haven't killed a single person on the map, never did anything but honest work for my money and of course never cheated. I would appreciate if you lift this ban, there was no need for it.