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Hot Dog Fatality

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Hot Dog Fatality's intro
« on: June 18, 2020, 10:35:12 pm »
Name: Zack
Game-Name: Hot Dog Fatality
Marital Status:Painfully single
Location: Alabama, US
Home Town: Huntsville AL
Occupation: Equipment repair and logistics
Past Gaming Communities/Clans: I was in a starfleet command II clan 20 years ago but I could not tell you the name of it to save my life.
First Game Played: Honestly I have no idea.  I grew up in a house with computers, genesis, nes, snes.  I have very distinct memories of sonic, super mario brothers 2, and metroid.
First Game Addicted to:Addicted might be a strong word, but I put a lot of time into Deus Ex in middle school.
Favorite Game: Oh god please don't make me choose just one. 
Playing Style (aggressive, tactician, blitz, etc.): Tend to be reserved at first, but I'll test out various styles to see what works.
Likes: Food, guns, cars, anime, star trek, star wars, band music. 
Dislikes: Arrogance, intolerance, and just general unkindness.  The world already has enough suck.  Don't add to it.
Interesting Fact 1: I have over 2400 miles of segway experience.
Interesting Fact 2: I play bassoon with a community band mostly comprised of Band directors.

Do you wish to be an LMC-Friend?  Yee
If so, do you agree to follow the LMC Code of Conduct whenever wearing the LMC-Friend Tags, (lmc), behind your name?  The LMC code of conduct is very much aligned with my own principles and priorities.   I plan to follow it regardless of my membership. 


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Re: Hot Dog Fatality's intro
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2020, 11:07:29 pm »
starfleet command II

I love that game!  Nice to have a fellow Star Trek fan in the fray. 

Dominion Wars was my favorite Star Trek game.